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NSA Welsh Sheep 2023: We have an exciting line up of speakers and seminars topics please see below for further information.

Seminar 1: 11.00am – 12.00pm

Food for thought – Where does lamb and mutton fit in a balanced diet?

Healthy eating relies on a balanced diet to provide a good balance of nutrients for you to stay healthy, as well as eating in a way to promote good gut health and avoid conditions that might lead to disease. Red meat consumption has come under criticism and led to concerns in some quarters over obesity and certain cancers, however more recent findings challenge this and give positive evidence for the health giving properties of sensible red meat consumption as part of a balanced diet. This seminar will explore how our predominantly grass fed lamb and mutton can fit with healthy eating messages, giving you some facts that can be used to dispel some of the myths around eating meat.

Chair: John Yeomans, NSA Cymru Committee Member

Speakers: Dr Eleri Thomas, HCC

Robbie Davison, Managing Director Can Cook-Well Fed

Bob Kennard, British Heritage Sheep


Seminar 2: 12.30 – 1.30pm

Sustainability – How sustainable is our industry?

A session looking at the sustainability of sheep farming in Wales and how, alongside producing high quality food, it fits with other interests around land management and the increasing demands on our industry such as carbon sequestration, the need to reduce emissions, nature recovery, and providing access and well-being. To what extent can we reduce emissions, and what impact will that have? Can our grasslands outperform mass forestry in terms of its delivery of public goods and how might we need to manage our pastures and farm infrastructure differently to deliver more? The future of farm and land management policy in Wales is still lacking much detail, even if the direction of travel is clear, and we have the chance to influence our future providing we can evidence and communicate our positions.

Chair: Phil Stocker, NSA CEO

Speakers: Rachel Madeley Davies, HCC

Dr Janet Roden, Innovis

Prysor Williams Bangor University

Nicky Naylor, Harper Adams


Seminar 3: 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Looking after the Next Generation – What does it mean?

Increasingly the public are trusting farmers and demonstrating a high level of interest in what we do. But to maintain this and build further we need to do more to communicate facts and human stories, and what better way to do this than with enthusiastic and bright next generation farmers. But they need security and support as well as the potential for viable and rewarding businesses and careers. This seminar will consider what it will take to further grow a positive recognition of sheep farmers and what we can do to ensure a satisfying and fulfilling future.

Chair: Catherine Smith, Chair of HCC

Speakers: Cammy Wilson, The Sheep Game

Michael Burley, NSA Next Generation Ambassador and Sheep Farmer

Sian Davies, Radnor YFC

Emma Buckby,  Agriweb